'The Future of Africa-UK Trade and Development Cooperation Relations in the Transitional and Post Brexit Period' Report Launched

Thursday, 2 March 2017
On Thursday 28 February, the Africa All Party Parliamentary Group’s launched its report on ‘The Future of Africa-UK Trade and Development Cooperation Relations in the Transitional and Post Brexit Period’ into Africa. Drawing on analysis from leading practitioners and scholars, as well as a two country case study, the report explores African countries’ past experiences with Economic Partnership Agreements (EPA) and uses the lessons learned to suggest the path that post-Brexit UK Africa Trade Agreements should follow.
Essay Series
The essay series, written by experts from a variety of backgrounds ranging from banking to NGOs, consists of three parts. The first part chronicles the historical and present context of EPAs introducing readers to the concept, when it first came into being and stages of current EPA negotiations. The second part of the series analyses the political economy of EPAs and their impact on African countries. Finally, the third part of the series focuses on potential scenarios following Brexit and practical recommendations for the UK Government in terms of approaches towards trade with Africa.
Case Study on Namibia and South Africa
The report’s case study uses Namibia and South Africa to understand how EPAs have manifested in African countries. This section was informed an MP-led delegation, which saw Chi Onwurah MP, Anne McLaughlin MP and Amanda Solloway MP visit South Africa and Namibia to ask questions about the role that parliamentary oversight and civil society played in their countries’ negotiations
The report concludes by making recommendations to both the UK and African governments on actions to be taken; implications for future UK trading arrangements; and ways to improve parliamentary and democratic oversight of trade arrangements.
For Further Information  
The PDF is available to download here. If you would like a hard copy of the report, please contact Lailah Nesbitt-Ahmed, Coordinator of the Africa APPG at the Royal African Society at nesbittahmedl@parliament.uk or (+44)20 3073 8339.