Royal African Society supports the 1st UK-Gabon Investment Summit

Tuesday, 4 December 2012
D Fatunla

Royal African Society supports the 1st UK-Gabon Investment Summit

The RAS supported the 1st UK-Gabon Investment Summit held in London on the 30th November.

The Forum which was opened by the Foreign Minister of Gabon on behalf of  Gabonese President Ali Bongo, who later addressed attendees at the summit.

The summit, aimed at raising awareness of economic opportunities for British business in Gabon featured sessions on Gabon’s environmental tourism potential as well as the significant gains to be had in the country’s mining and energy sectors.

Gabon is nominally one of Africa’s most prosperous states with a GDP per capita, and has ambitions to be an emerging economy by the year 2020, its president said, at the investment summit. Among the positive prospects for economic growth, a number of panellists sounded a cautionary note on the challenges facing Gabon, in particular, in labour and skills, despite reforms aimed at increasing productivity amongst its workforce.

The forum concluded with an address from President Ali Bongo, underlining his desire for greater links between Britain and Gabon.

The forum was organised by Developing Markets.