"Women need to support and vote for each other

Tuesday, 26 March 2013
Toyin Dada


To mark International Women’s Day 2013, we asked for a contribution from a number of women from a variety of professional backgrounds, of both African and Non-African descent, but all engaged with the progress of women on the continent around the world. We asked them a series of questions including what more needs to be done to address the challenges facing African women in the 21st century, which women inspire them and what words or quotes inspired them. Toyin Dada, Director, Afford Business Centre, is our eighth contributor. 

The challenges and opportunities for women in Africa today are around access to education; the risk of early marriage – our challenge is to nurture enterprising women, and create role models in politics and business.  Women need to support and vote for each other - and allow girls an education; as a woman you can do your bit by starting small businesses, take advice from women who you look up to, use your phone; send remittances for starting businesses or investing in your hometown, go home often with your children and be interested in what is going on, use your skills, money or time to invest in the young. I’m proudest as an African woman when I can add my contribution with my skills, money and time. We all do.  We also have to learn from women in other societies who succeed in improving women and try to emulate them with our own flavour of womanhood – among the women I greatly admire are Oprah Winfrey and My Aunty Fashola (who is like a mum to me and has shown me love and humanity all of my life alongside that of her own, extended and inherited family – she smiles all the time and has no wrinkles at 76!)

Toyin Dada is the director of the AFFORD Business Centre.