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December 2018: NEW call for written evidence for inquiry into UK short-stay visas

The APPG for Africa together with AFFORD and the APPG for Malawi are gathering evidence and information on following questions:

1) What is your experience of supporting African nationals in applying for visas to attend conferences / events / training sessions in the UK?

2) How many times have you supported African nationals to apply for a UK visa, of whatever type?

3) How many were rejected or approved? What were the most common grounds for refusal given? How many were granted, but too late to allow the participant to attend?

4) For those that reapplied, how many were subsequently granted visas? What circumstances changed in their application? Did they resubmit with additional information? And did the visa arrive in time for them to attend the event?

6) Have you seen any evidence of inconsistency in decision-making regarding visa applications?

7) What do you understand to be the main barriers to submitting successful visa applications for African nationals? And can you estimate how many might have decided not to visit the UK because of the difficulty of obtaining a visa?

Please note that numerically presented evidence is particularly valuable. 

Written statements should be submitted as soon as possible to Hetty Bailey on but no later than Tuesday 29th January 2019. (NB- Statements should be succinct, refer to the questions above, be no longer than 1500 words and in Word document format).   


The Africa APPG exists to facilitate mutually beneficial relationships between Africa and the UK and works to further understanding within UK parliament of contemporary African and Pan-African matters. Through its enquiries, meetings, public events and reports, the group critically engages with a wide range of topics and ideas in the political and policy space. The APPG prioritises engaging with African voices, diaspora and interests to promote African-led development agendas. And with a membership of over 200 parliamentarians from across-parties and houses, it is one of the largest and most active APPGs in UK parliament.

Current thematic focuses of the group include:

  • UK-Africa trade post-Brexit- this is in follow up to the APPG report on the subject published in February 2017 and available here
  • Policy & investment to support trade within Africa and Africa's industrialisation
  • Tech innovation in Africa for trade, accountability and good governance
  • UK-Africa Visas for a positive working relationship
  • Strengthening parliamentary and democratic oversight and the role of civil society
  • Creative economy in Africa

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