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Policy Reports

The Royal African Society with the APPG has published 12 full policy and research reports, the most recent being Visa Problems for African Visitors to the UK launched in July 2019.  The Government has responded to our reports in broadly the same way that Ministers respond to Select Committee reports, and some important changes in UK Government policy have followed our reccomendations.

The APPG additionally produces shorter reports based on APPG activities, for example the APPG’s submissions to Select Committee Inquiries. Links to past APPG policy reports can be found at the bottom of the page.


Africa APPG Annual Reports:

2018-2019 Annual Report

2017-2018 Annual Report

2016-2017 Annual Report

2015-2016 Annual Report

2014-15 Annual Report

2013-14 Annual Report

2012-13 Annual Report 

2011-12 Annual Report

2010-11 Annual Report

2009-10 Annual Report

APPG submission to House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee for Beyond Aid Inquiry
September 2019

This submission drawers on recent policy reports and independent inquiries of the APPG for Africa as well as reflections from an parliamentarians, civil society, academics and officials that we have engaged with at various meetings. In particular the July 2019 report of the APPG on UK Visa Reusals for African Vistors to the UK. 


APPG report: Visa Problems for African Vistors to the UK
July 2019

This report is the result of a joint investigation by the APPG for Africa, the APPG for Diaspora, Development and Migration and the APPG for Malawi. We began work in December 2018 and continue to gather evidence. So whilst we are publishing the investigation’s findings so far in this report, there is a considerable body of evidence that is still growing, and which can be accessed in full via the online Appendix accompanying this report. The case studies included in this report represent only a sample of the information we have received both formally and informally that can be found in the archive.


This report begins by briefly setting out in Section 1 the UK’s approach to Migration Policy and management, along with the historical context and acknowledgment of the constraints faced by policy makers. Section 2 of the report describes the UKVI ‘hub and spoke’ network for visa applications, examining the implications of network consolidation and highlighting common issues identified by stakeholders relating to the application process. Section 3 sets out the key issues arising from the UKVI entry clearance decision-making process supported by a number of case studies. Section 4 looks at the impact visa refusals have on key sectors in the UK. Finally, Section 5 draws some general conclusions from the investigation and makes recommendations for changes in policy and approach to improve the service offered by UKVI and avoid the problems that have arisen.

APPG Africa submission to International Trade Select Committee on UK trade with developing countries post-Brexit
February 2018

This is the submission of the APPG for Africa to the International Trade Select Committee inquiry into UK trade with developing countries post-Brexit. The APPG's submission is based on the findings of the APPG report on the subject from February 2017.

The key reccomendation of the report is that in the short-term the UK must ensure continuity of trade for developing countries through implementing an interim generalised scheme of preferences and should seek apporval from the WTO. In the long-term the UK should not seek to "cut and paste" the EU's Economic Partnership Agreements which the APPG have found to be problematic. Instead the UK should support Africa's own regional agenda and take the opportunity to seek a trade agreement with a united African Customs Union and Free Trade Area following the ratifciation of the African Union's Continental Free Trade Agreement, signed in Kigali in March 2018.