APPG Reports

Image: Photo of Africa APPG past reports

The APPG has published 11 full policy and research reports on topics varying from Democracy in Africa to the Government’s Bilateral Aid Review, the most recent of which is on Africa-UK Trade and Development Cooperation Relations in the Transitional and Post Brexit Period launched in February 2017.  The Government has responded to our reports in broadly the same way that Ministers respond to Select Committee reports, and important changes in UK Government policy have resulted from this – for instance in the past, a quadrupling of our aid for people with HIV/Aids in Africa, a new Bribery Act and funding for Parliamentary capacity building in Africa. 

The APPG additionally produces shorter reports based on APPG activities, for example the APPG’s submissions to Select Committee Inquiries, the most recent in February 2018 where we submitted evidence to the International Trade Committe of the House of Commons and to the Trade Bill Committe based on our work on UK-Africa trade post-Brexit. Prior to that, in October 2015 we submitted to the International Development Committee on the UK's response the the Ebola outbreak in West Africa and in March 2016 to their Nigeria inquiry following the report from our Chair, Chi Onwurah MP who had recently returned from a trade mission to Nigeria.

Links to past APPG reports can be found below. 


Africa APPG Annual Reports (including AGM minutes and Income & Expenditure Statements):

2017 Report - Future of Africa UK Relations Post Brexit

2016-2017 Annual Report (coming soon)

2015-2016 Annual Report

2014-15 Annual Report

2013-14 Annual Report

2012-13 Annual Report 

2011-12 Annual Report

2010-11 Annual Report

2009-10 Annual Report

Land in Zimbabwe
December 2009


Land in Zimbabwe: Past Mistakes, Future Prospects is  The Africa All Party Parliamentary Group's report into land and land distribution in Zimbabwe. The report  concludes that there is no historical basis for allegations that Britain ‘betrayed’ promises made at Lancaster House to fund land reform. The report recommended  that the British government, should mobilise a multilateral team of donors to plan to provide new aid for land reform and rural development in Zimbabwe as soon as political conditions allow. The report received from the Zimbabwean government, under ZANU-PF.


Averting Catastrophe: Aids in Africa
October 2009

A report by the Africa All Party Parliamentary Group on Aids in Africa, published in 2004. The report identified the AIDs epidemic as an exceptional threat to African societies and states as well as to millions of African people, and called for an appropriate response. The report made key recommendations to the UK Govrnment including plugging the funding gap needed to avert the crisis, encouraging increased co-ordination within UK governmental departments, and supporting African governments to provide integrated health interventions. The report took over 50 written evidence submissions from experts and organisations working on HIV/AIDs in Africa, and heard from 12 expert witnesses. 

Strengthening Parliaments in Africa
October 2009

The Africa All Party Parliamentary Group's report on African legislative assemblies examines the opportunities for improving UK support to African parliamentarians; The report concludes that while the practices and experiences of non-African parliaments and other parliaments within Africa are useful for Africa's respective parliaments, they must be tuned or adapted to local realities.