Education & Outreach Programme

At the Royal African Society we are committed to engaging, inspiring and educating children, young people, their teachers and families. Our growing education programme seeks to promote deeper understanding of the diversity of the African continent through an exciting collection of learning experiences such as workshops, film screenings, family days and discussions.

We work closely with schools to design Continuing Professional Development (CPD) events for teachers to help them enhance their subject knowledge of African history, life and culture. We also work with different companies and organisations providing cultural consultancy around Africa-focused projects. 

Contact our Education Programme Manager, Joanna Brown, for more information about how to get involved with our Education and Outreach Programme or to inquire about our consultancy services.


Africa Writes Young Voices

We are committed to inspiring the writers of the future. We invite budding writers in schools to take part in creative writing workshops. Led by professional facilitators, the workshops are designed to boost learners’ confidence in their own creative contributions and develop their own artistic voice. Using African art forms such as written literature, spoken word, proverbs, music, visual art and photography, we aim to inspire students to express themselves freely and create their own pieces of poetry or narrative fiction.

We work in partnership with key organisations such as the British Library, universities, museums and teaching associations to deliver our programme. Workshops may take place within exhibitions, museum spaces or in your own school. Contact our Education and Outreach Programme Manager for more details.

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Film Africa Young Audiences 

At Film Africa we believe that believe that film is a key educational tool to engage, inspire and educate children, young people and their teachers. We celebrate the diversity of the African continent through cinema and aim to make the rich tapestry of African peoples, cultures and experiences more visible to young learners.

We work in partnership with cinema venues to host screenings of new and retrospective works by film-makers from Africa and the African diaspora for primary schools, secondary schools, university students and youth groups.

Working in collaboration with film education organisations such as Into Film, in schools and in cinemas, we aim to enhance film literacy and inspire critical thinking. We create and share thought-provoking teaching resources to deepen learning and stimulate discussion.

For more information about how to arrange a screening for your school, please contact our Education and Outreach Programme Manager. 

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