APPG Africa submission to International Trade Select Committee on UK trade with developing countries post-Brexit

February 2018

This is the submission of the APPG for Africa to the International Trade Select Committee inquiry into UK trade with developing countries post-Brexit. The APPG's submission is based on the findings of the APPG report on the subject from February 2017.

The key reccomendation of the report is that in the short-term the UK must ensure continuity of trade for developing countries through implementing an interim generalised scheme of preferences and should seek apporval from the WTO. In the long-term the UK should not seek to "cut and paste" the EU's Economic Partnership Agreements which the APPG have found to be problematic. Instead the UK should support Africa's own regional agenda and take the opportunity to seek a trade agreement with a united African Customs Union and Free Trade Area following the ratifciation of the African Union's Continental Free Trade Agreement, signed in Kigali in March 2018.