Richard Dowden: Published Elsewhere

Richard Dowden, RAS Director with literary critic, Maya Jaggi and Novelist, Chinua Achebe

[Novelist China Achebe, Literary Journalist Maya Jaggi with Richard Dowden]

A selection of articles published elsewhere by RAS Director Richard Dowden - follow the links for our choice of the best articles or download a pdf of links to articles published in The Guardian, Independent, Times and other UK and International publications. 

Five of the Best 

Richard Dowden critiques lack of nuance in Foreign Policy magazine’s Failed States index (Foreign Policy, Oct 2012)

Richard Dowden explains how the first 50 years of independence have shaped Africa (Al-Jazeera, 2010)

Richard Dowden in conversation with Dambisa Moyo & Daniel Johnson about aid, corruption and Africa breaking free (Standpoint, 2009)

Richard Dowden advocates focusing less on aid and more on understanding the continent first-hand (New Statesman, 2005)

Richard Dowden’s account of Chinua Achebe’s short return trip to his native Nigeria (Video) (Feb, 2009) 


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