Submission Guidelines

Please note that the journal now encourages authors to complete their copyright licence to publish form online

African Affairs is a scholarly, peer-reviewed journal, which aims to appeal to a wide audience. It welcomes submissions from all over the world, in particular from Africa. It accepts articles not just from professional academics, but from authors in a variety of occupations. Because only a small percentage of submitted articles currently meet all the required standards for publication, the editors thought it would be helpful to provide some guidelines to originality, structure, and style.

Guidelines for submission

  1. All articles and correspondence should be sent to; if electronic submission is not possible, please send to:
    • Rita Abrahamsen
    • Graduate School of Public and International Affairs Faculty of Social Sciences
    • 120 University
    • Social Sciences Building
    • Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
    • K1N 6N5
  1. Articles should be accompanied by an abstract of not more than 200 words, typed on a separate page, indicating the major argument of the article and its significance as an addition to existing knowledge or analysis.
  2. Articles should not be more than 8,000 words in length, including footnotes, and typed in double spacing, preferably in Microsoft Word or a compatible format. Contributors without access to electronic mail should submit three double-spaced copies on A4 paper, plus a copy on computer disk. Manuscripts are not usually returned to authors. They should be original contributions and should not be submitted to another publication simultaneously.
  3. Manuscripts should be anonymized, please do not include any information or contact details for authors on the submitted article.
    Some limited information may be attached in a cover letter or email, if desired. It is helpful if authors can provide an additional email addresses or a phone number in case of difficulties in communication.
  4. African Affairs has a preference for reviewing works of scholarship. Personal memoirs, unless by persons of great historical significance, are unlikely to be sent to review. We regret that we are unable to return un-reviewed books to the sender.
  5. For our comprehensive style guide please click here

For full details of how to submit to the Journal, please visit