Gaâda Diwane De Béchar – UK PREMIERE



10:00 am - 5:00 pm


18 E Tenter Street, E1 8DN London


This event is in high demand and targeted at African bloggers and writers. Order your ticket fast on the eventbrite

Migreat invites you to a Morning panel discussion and Afternoon workshop on the cultural integration of African communities in London and the UK. The event will be held on Saturday April 11th, 2015 at Migreat’s premises at 18 East Tenter Street, Aldgate, London.

Agenda Overview

– The morning panel discussion will bring prominent figures of London based African writers and bloggers together to discuss the concept of Identity, Home and Belonging within the UK African Community context. Are foreign cultures filling in the identity ‘gaps’ that exist within UK black communities?


Morning Panel

Discussion Topics will include:
1): Do ‘Identity gaps’ exist within the UK’s African and Caribbean communities that is filled via foreign cultures? (eg. Americanisms, Nollywood, etc)
2) How do we get local content from African writers to become more accessible to a UK audience?


Afternoon Workshops

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