JumpStart Your Africa Business 2015 !



1:00 pm - 1:00 pm


New York studio


Prices are:£25 Unique session£19.50 Unique session (students)£60 Full day passAll tickets are available on madeematik website, follow the link

Don’t only learn steps, educate yourself and put your dancing to another level!

Discover African dances from their traditional form, passing by their modern styles to their westernise version.

From the tradition of the Guinean dance to the modern popular dance styles like Azonto, Coupé décalé, Pantsula, Ndombolo and more. Passing by one of the most eloquent African inspired western dance: House dance.

Kwezi fon e of the best Female House dancer known as Leslie Black. Winner of several International battles and dance contest, she will share with you her particular groove.

Aïssata Kouyate from a line of griot, singer and dance master, she danced along with the best African artists. She will share with you the secret of her virtuosity.

Madee experienced performer trained in various dances from the Mother land created a unique program that develop all the required skills for African dances. She will give a challenging session focused on the most popular Modern dances like Kuduro, Coupé décalé or Ndombolo.

Three times 2 hours of dance from 1pm to 7pm.
1pm to 3pm: The Active Afro Training
3pm to 5pm: Traditional Guinean Dance technique
5pm to 7pm: House dance Afro style technique

Quality teaching focusing on technicality, musicality. Learn how to be a skilled dancer on each style.

Come to educate yourself and learn how to merge your body into various dance style while staying true to the aestetic.