Priveleged To Suffer – Debating African Studies @Soas



6:30 pm - 8:00 pm


Red Gallery


No RSVP is needed to visit the exhibition, you are welcome to visit anytime.For the opening and closing events on the 10th March and 15th March please visit our website to book your ticket online or RSVP to

Something About Bodies: Realise, Reclaim, Recreate! is an art exhibition celebrating the strength of African women and exploring the complexities of harmful practices: female genital mutilation (FGM) and child/forced marriage.

The exhibition features:

• ‘Create Art to Create Change’ art work created by Youth Advocates on the CREATE Youth-Net project.

• ‘Traditions Run Deeper than Law’ in collaboration with artist Aga Tamiola of Artists Against FGM, this will feature works by 11 incredible artists.

• ‘Images of Hope: Child marriage and FGM in Tanzania’ Photography by Chiara Ceolin.

• ‘Woman: Whose Canvas?’ art work exploring women, their roles and their bodies.

Auction:  Selected donated pieces will be auctioned online from Tuesday 10th March. More information to follow.


The five day event includes an opening day event ‘Create Art to Create Change‘ and a closing night event, with discussions and music performances. Futher details on our website.