Webinar: Diaspora Remittance and Savings: Capital base for Africa’s Financing Needs



11:30 am - 12:45 pm


This event will take place via Zoom.



Financing Africa’s public and private sector projects has always been an expensive business, the outbreak of COVID 19 has caused a tremendous strain on access to finance, in an already stretched environment. As leaders explore solutions for Africa’s recovery, the importance of new thinking, creativity particularly in sustainable financing for all Africa’s businesses, should be a priority for all stakeholders.


COVID 19 has challenged international co-operation and globalisation, Africa’s development partners also challenged by the pandemic have little choice but to prioritise their resources to their economies equally faced with disruptions, already scarce and conditional development finance will, therefore, be hard to come by affecting Africa’s financing needs. It is therefore imperative for governments and institutions to creatively tap into the Diaspora remittance,(estimated to be around $48 Billion) channeling the funds to critical sectors that require financing most. 


In this webinar, leading experts in finance, development, and migration discussed innovative strategies for managing Diaspora remittances to support Africa’s recovery post COVID-19.



Hon Andurahman Tarab – Nigeria Diaspora Commission 

Dr. Anthony Coleman – Principal Research Economist at Afrexim Bank

Leon Isaacs – Advisory Board IMTC and CEO – DMA

Dr. Shem Ochuodho – Global Chairperson, Kenya Diaspora Alliance

Kenny Washington – Technical project led at Afford

Dr. Amadou Cisse – Executive Director – Africa Institute for Remittance

Dr. Nick Westcott – Director, Royal African Society 

Agnes Gitau – Partner, GBS Africa


Chair: Juliana Olayinka –  Anchor of the Global Business Program on Channels TV