The Royal Africa Society & GAY TIMES



6:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Brunei Gallery Lecture Theatre, SOAS University of London, 10 Thornhaugh Street, London, WC1H 0XG


A year on from the passing of Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Act. Queer Ugandan’s are facing punitive prison sentences – twenty years for the ‘promotion of homosexuality’ and life imprisonment for ‘homosexual acts’ – as well as the death penalty for instances of so-called ‘aggravated homosexuality’. Alongside this, other African countries are passing their own laws, creating a worrying trend for queer people globally.

With the roots of these laws originating from the UK, and the funding behind these laws coming from outside Africa, what should the UK Parliament be doing when their involvement, historically, can do more harm than good?

The Royal Africa Society & GAY TIMES have joined forces to explore this subject in more detail, bringing experts together to explore the present-day history behind these laws and key players within the liberation movement. A debate and hosted discussion will cover four perspectives on the same question ‘what is the role of Non-African players in Uganda’s queer liberation movement’ to delve into this complex situation whilst delivering clear recommendations for the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Africa, ensuring impact within the UK government.

Gay Times Article – It’s not queerness that is alien to Ugandan culture – it’s queerphobia (

Gay Times Article – Why anti-LGBTQ legislation in Africa is a Western problem (

Running Order

18:00 – 18:20 – Arrival

18:20 – 18:30 – Introduction – Lord Oates

18:30 – 19:00 – Speakers statements on the topic

19:00 – 20:00 – Discussion Hosted by Nwora Emenike

20:00 – 20:30 – Audience questions

20:30 – 21:00 – Networking

21:00 – Close

Host – Nwora Emenike (Royal Africa Society)

Nwora has led communications and community engagement for the Royal African Society since 2022. They are a proud, queer, 1st-gen Nigerian who has dedicated over a decade to promote the full and fair representation of people from targeted communities. They are an advocate for the liberation of ALL marginalised groups and continue to create spaces and opportunities for community & activism.

Introduction – Lord Jonny Oates (APPG for Africa)

Jonny Oates is Co-Chair of the APPG Africa and has been a member of the House of Lords since October 2015. He is Chief Executive of United Against Malnutrition and Hunger, an advocacy group that drives UK action to tackle the issue. Jonny sits on the Advisory Board of The Britain Project, a non-partisan movement seeking to build a broad liberal and progressive coalition in the UK.


Ruth Muganzi – Ruth is Uganda based Human Rights activist, LGBTQ protection and inclusion advocate. She is a writer and program lead at Boombastic magazine and Kuchu Times, ground breaking LGBTQI+ publications within Uganda

Amanda Bosco Kamanda  – Amanda is a trans activist and human rights defender from Uganda with six year’s experience of advocating for the rights of LGBTIQ persons towards inclusive access to legal justice, universal health care, economic empowerment, gender equality and young leadership.

Jason Jones – Jason Jones is a gay LGBTQI+ activist from Trinidad and Tobago who successfully challenged the colonial era anti-LGBTQ+ Sections 13 and 16 of the Sexual Offenses Act. In a landmark judgment, Justice Devindra Rampersad ruled the clauses unconstitutional and null and void for 11 Caribbean countries.