Transforming African Agriculture



5:00 pm - 6:30 pm




Transforming Africa’s agriculture has been one of the longest-running challenges in its economic development, well pre-dating independence. For without a transformation in agriculture, as seen in India and China, it is hard to transform the whole economy. With 60 years of experience since independence, what conclusions can we draw about what works and what does not? Where should local farmers, business investors, governments, and donors be focusing their efforts?   

This panel discussion draws on the recent publication African Economic Development: Evidence, Theory, Policy which has a full chapter on how to address the agricultural challenges in Africa. Our panelists will dig into not only the theory and policy but their practical application on the ground.

Watch the video here!

Chair: Dr Nicholas Westcott – Director, Royal African Society


  • Prof Christopher Cramer – Department of Development Studies, SOAS
  • John Sender – Emeritus Professor of Economics, SOAS- 
  • Prof John Asafu-Adjaye – Head of Research and an Agric-economist – African Center for Economic Transformation (ACET)
  • Sami Khan – Director Strategy Food & Agriculture, CDC Group Plc



Image: Find Your Feet, Flickr