Webinar: Britain, Africa and the Caribbean: Teaching the Truth



2:00 pm - 3:00 pm




Free (donations to RAS gratefully received)

Photo Credit: Vijetha Vijayan


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The recent Black Lives Matter protests in the UK and the arguments over statues, coinciding with Prof David Olusoga’s documentary series on ‘Black and British’ history, have highlighted the importance of reviewing how Britain’s history, and particularly that of the British Empire, is taught in our schools and universities.

The Royal African Society, through our events, publications and education programme, and our sister organisation the ASAUK, are both directly involved in how Africa and Britain’s past interaction with the continent and its people are presented in our educational institutions.

In this webinar, we will bring together a panel of practitioners and Parliamentarians to consider how we can bring a better balance to the teaching of Britain’s imperial history and the history of the peoples of Africa and the Caribbean.

Amongst other issues, the panel will address the state of Africa before European rule, the ideology and practice of imperialism including the question of slavery and the peopling of the Caribbean, resistance to imperial rule and the rise of nationalism, and the legacy of both – in Britain, Africa, and the Caribbean.


Professor Justin Willis – Department of History – Durham University

Lord Paul Boateng – British Labour Party politician

Lavinya Stennett – Founder & CEO of The Black Curriculum

Chair: Zeinab Badawi – Chair, Royal African Society


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