Letters & Questions

To find out more information or to draw attention of the Government to a particular issue of importance to the APPG, the APPG Chairs and/or Officers may write to Government Ministers and ask either oral and written Parliamentary Questions. Some of these are now available below.


Ministerial responses to the APPG:

Letter of reply from Minister for Africa, James Duddridge MP regarding UK response to Covid 19 in Africa (30th April 2020) in response to the APPG Letter to Secretary of State for International Development re Covid 19 in Africa (1st April 2020) . The APPG asked for information on the level of DFID’s early support for responses to Covid 19 which prioritise community engagement and recognise the lessons in this regard from the Ebola outbreak as recommended in our Ebola inquiry report of 2016.


Currently awaiting Ministerial responses to:

Letter to Minister for Asia at the FCO re persecution of Africans in China (28th April 2020)

Following reports of the growing persecution of African diaspora and the BAME community in China following the Covid 19 outbreak, our Chair has written to the Minister for Asia at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to ask what actions the UK Government is taking.


Letter to Secretary of State for International Development re mental health in Africa (March 2020)

Following the Mental Health in Africa event and wider consultation and concluding policy brief, this letter highlights the findings of the consultation and asks for a response from DFID to the report.


Letter to Immigration Minister Kevin Foster MP re prompt for Government response to visas report (February 2020)

We have written again to the Immigration Minister following his appointment in December 2019 to ask again for the anticipated written Government response to our visas report of July 2019 and to meet with him to discuss developments and changes in policy since the launch of our report.  


Letter to (former) Immigration Minister Seema Kennedy MP re: visa problems for African visitors (September 2019)

Following the launch of our report on Visa Problems for African Visitors to the UK, where former Immigration Minister Rt. Hon. Caroline Nokes MP committed her department to a written response and welcomed the report’s findings this letter asks for an official response to the findings and recommendations of the report.