Partnership Opportunities

We partner with institutions and academics to help increase the impact and reach of their research. Through our well-established public and political engagement programmes, we reach a wide and interested audience, including policy-makers, civil society, students and diaspora groups. We deliver innovative and accessible ways of disseminating research findings and building engagement throughout a project’s duration. Through our links to UK parliament, we aim to encourage evidence-based policy-making and better-informed parliamentary debate. 



“We deeply appreciated the Royal African Society’s partnership on our recent high-level parliamentary roundtable. [The team] provided high-quality counsel and support at every stage of the event, and assisted us in engaging further with parliamentarians in attendance. Their support was critical to creating a stimulating event, which helped us raise awareness around the UKRI GCRF Action against Stunting Hub, a £19.76 million investment by the UK government to alleviate child stunting, globally.”


Prof Claire Heffernan, Joint Appointment, Royal Veterinary College & LSHTM



Our Impact Partnerships can take a variety of forms depending on the nature of your research and desired impact. We work with you to develop an individually tailored programme of engagement to meet specific aims and objectives. Recent partners include the Rift Valley Institute, the London International Development Centre, and the Department of Development Studies at Oxford Brookes University. 


Download our Impact Partnership Brochure to find out more about Impact Partnership opportunities or send an email to Caitlin Pearson, Fundraising Manager, on