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Ongoing policy inquiry: Africa and its Diaspora in UK School Curricula


As part of our 120th Anniversary this year, the Royal African Society in partnership with the All Party Parliamentary Group for Africa and Justice to History is undertaking a policy inquiry into Africa and its Diaspora in UK School Curricula. The parliamentary committee of inquiry includes a number of experts in the field and be led by Lord Paul Boateng and will aim to draw up policy recommendations for submission to HM Government for response before the end of 2021.


The inquiry has gathered a wide and diverse a range of information and knowledge via the inquiry survey to which we received over 230 responses, and also via the 33 written submissions and two oral evidence sessions. The evidence sessions are available to view via the RAS Facebook Page.


The deadline for submissions has now closed, but please do contact Jack Patterson for further information- pattersonj@parliament.uk.