Research Project on the History of William Lever

& Lever brothers plantations in DRC & Solomon Islands


October 2021-October 2023


RAS has been commissioned by Unilever to put together an Independent Research Panel (IRP) with the necessary expertise and experience from our extensive network  to support on various strands of research work related to William Lever and the Lever brothers in plantations in the Belgian Congo and Solomon Islands pre WWII. The IRP will provide guidance on key decisions, oversee and review the drafting of the report and ensure research remains within the Terms of Reference. RAS will act as the secretariat for this work, organising the panel meetings, managing agendas and minutes and coordinating with Unilever and Partners.


The IRP for this project is composed of the following experts:


Stephanie Decker
Benoît Henriet
James Lowry
Funmi Olonisakin
David Olusoga


Unilever commissioned a 4 month scoping survey to understand the records, collections and research potential relating to William Lever and Lever Brothers Plantations in the DRC & Solomon Islands.


University of Liverpool Scoping Report Lever Bros Plantations in the Congo and Solomon Islands 1900 to 1930

University of Liverpool Executive Summary of Unilever Commissioned Scoping Survey 1900-1930 published May 2022


Ongoing progress reports on the research outputs will be shared once research is complete.