Africa in the UK Curriculum

Our passion and core purpose at the Royal African Society is to promote Africa in the UK. But how is Africa represented in the UK’s national curriculum? Where are the African and Black British voices in the English Literature syllabus? And could school pupils learn about African History, Geography, Art and other subjects year-round and not just during Black History Month?


Given the UK’s increasingly diverse population, including a growing number of people of African descent*, we believe there is a need for greater understanding and better representation of the contributions made by African countries and people within UK school education. Fostering a knowledge of, and interest in, Africa and its diaspora among children and young people is essential for the diverse, inclusive and more equal society we want to build.


The Royal African Society in partnership with the All Party Parliamentary Group for Africa and Justice to History undertook an extensive policy inquiry- the report was published in March 2022 and can be viewed and downloaded here.


We continue to advocate with our partners for the reports recommendations. If your school or organisation would like to explore opportunities to work together in furthering this agenda, please do get in touch.


Our definition of African descent includes all people of African origin, consisting of both the Continental Diaspora (people with an identifiable African country of origin born and/or residing outside of the continent) and the Historical Diaspora (people of African origin born outside of the continent who were historically displaced by the transatlantic slave trade or other means).