APPG for Africa

We administer the UK’s All-Party Parliamentary Group for Africa, a cross-party group of UK parliamentarians from both the House of Commons and House of Lords that exists to facilitate mutually beneficial relationships between Africa and the UK and challenge negative stereotypes pertaining to Africa where they persist.


The Royal African Society helped to establish the APPG for Africa in January 2003 and has provided the secretariat ever since. Today the APPG for Africa has over 200 members and is one of the most active and independent APPGs in parliament. Through the APPG events and meetings programme, we create space for parliamentarians to engage in dialogue with UK and African policy-makers, diaspora and civil society representatives, and the private sector.

Our advocacy work through the APPG endeavours to get important and sometimes neglected issues underpinning UK-Africa policy relations onto the parliamentary and Government agenda. We suggest regular parliamentary questions, support parliamentary debates and lead independent public consultations and policy inquiries, which are published as reports used to advocate for change in UK policy where needed. 


NEW INQUIRY: Call for written evidence into UK-African Partnerships for Just Energy Transitions. Deadline 20th August 2023

UK-African Partnerships for Just Energy Transitions in Africa | Royal African Society


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