Policy Reports


The Royal African Society in conjunction with the APPG for Africa publishes regular policy reports. Our reports are usually part of a wider investigation into a particular issue that needs attention and will include policy recommendations that will be submitted to HMG for response. The Government has responded to our reports in broadly the same way that Ministers respond to Select Committee reports, and some important changes in UK Government policy have followed as a direct result of our recommendations. The APPG also produces shorter policy briefs based on our work to inform inquiries of official parliamentary committees. 


Links to past APPG for Africa policy reports can be found here



Meeting Briefs


The majority of the APPG for Africa meetings are by invitation only. Where APPG meeting briefs are available for wider circulation, they will be available below. A record of all meetings held each year is published in the APPG for Africa’s Annual Report. In addition, some audio recordings and presentations are made available on the Society’s Mixcloud and SlideShare platforms respectively. 


APPG meeting briefs can be found here.


More Info


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