The Royal African Society, in conjunction with the APPG for Africa, publishes regular policy reports. Our reports are usually part of a wider investigation into a particular issue that needs attention and will include policy recommendations that will be submitted to Her Majesty’s Government for response.


The UK Government has responded to our reports in broadly the same way that Ministers respond to Select Committee reports, and some important changes in UK Government policy have followed as a direct result of our recommendations. The APPG also produces shorter policy briefs based on our work to inform inquiries of official parliamentary committees.


Our policy reports focus on specific, sometimes overlooked issues, relating to the UK’s relationship with Africa that may need extra attention or reform. Topics are chosen in conjunction with the elected parliamentary officers of the APPG for Africa and selected based on where there is a clear need for closer oversight and where an APPG inquiry can add the most value.


The APPG is open to partnering on inquires with like-minded organisations where there is a mutual interest. Inquires usually last 6-12 months and will include an open public consultation on the terms of reference, evidence gathering sessions in parliament, parliamentary delegations (when funding is available) and arranging meetings between parliamentarians and various experts and stakeholders within the inquiry area. Upon conclusion of the inquiry, a policy report complete with recommendations for UK Government is published and a response usually received from the responsible Ministers.


These reports are used as tools to grow awareness and interest in a specific issue within Parliament and Whitehall and used to advocate for positive change.



APPG for Africa policy reports



APPG Africa Education Inquiry Report

The evidence set out in this report points clearly to the fact that many British children still leave school with little knowledge or mistaken impressions about Africa. This can be damaging – to the children, to Britain’s diverse society, and to Britain’s relations with Africa – and needs to be corrected. But the report also makes clear that this can be quite easily remedied with some simple actions that can be taken by the key groups and bodies concerned – schools, teachers, exam boards, publishers, OFSTED and government.


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Climate, Conflict and Demography in Africa Conference

On 14 September 2021, Africa Confidential, International Crisis Group and the Royal African Society co-hosted a high-level conference on Climate, Conflict and Demography in Africa. An audience of over 1000 people from the UK, North America, Europe and Africa heard 25 speakers from all three continents, including the Vice-President of Nigeria, former Prime Minister of Ethiopia and former President of the African Development Bank, as well as ministers, envoys, ambassadors, economists, academics and representatives from business, civil society and the media.


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Official Government response to APPG’s 2019 report on Visa problems for African Visitors to the UK 

In November 2020, 15 months after publishing the APPG’s exposing report in to Visa problems for African visitors to the UK, we received an Official UKVI response to the APPG’s recommendations along with a Letter of response from the Immigration Minister, Kevin Foster MP together with Annex 1 and Annex 2 to the letter which provides data on the UKVI visa application footprint across Africa.


Please see the original  2019 report below.  


UK-Africa Trade After Brexit: Challenges & Opportunities (November 2020)

This briefing, produced in partnership with Oxford Brookes University, builds on the findings of the APPG for Africa’s 2017 trade report. It presents the outcomes and shared consensus of the APPG Africa’s parliamentary symposium held in January 2020 and reflects on the current context and direction of UK-Africa trade since then and concludes with policy recommendations.


Written evidence for the House of Commons Women and Equality Commission: Inquiry into Covid 19 & impact on BAME people (June)

This written submission from the APPG for Africa together with the Royal African Society and AFFORD-UK drawers on our public-parliamentary webinar looking into the disproportionate impact that Covid 19 has on BAME communities in the UK.


Policy briefing: Mental Health in Africa (January)

A policy briefing for the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Africa following a wider consultation in partnership with the Centre for Global Mental Health at LHTSM, the Mental Health Innovation Network and CBM International.

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Inquiry report: Visa problems for African Visitors to the UK (July)

A joint All-Party Parliamentary Group Report by the APPG for Africa, the APPG for Diaspora, Development & Migration and the APPG for Malawi

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Please see the Government response above (received November 2020). 


Written evidence to the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee (October)



Written evidence to the House of Lords International Relations Committee (October)

This was submitted in response to the call for evidence for this inquiry on Sub-Saharan Africa. The Royal African Society also submitted written evidence separately of the APPG. Watch our Director giving oral evidence here.



Africa APPG submission to the International Trade Committee

Submission from the APPG Africa & Royal African Society to the International Trade Committee-inquiry into trade relations with developing countries



Inquiry Report: The Future of Africa UK Relations Post Brexit (July)

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Africa APPG & RAS Submission to Trade Bill Committee



Inquiry Report: Lessons from Ebola Affected Communities: Being prepared for future health crises

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Written submission to the House of Commons International Development Committee inquiry on responses to the Ebola Crisis

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Inquiry Report: Democracy and Development in Africa

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Democracy Soup – Letter of Response from then Secretary of State for International Development Lynne Featherstone



Written submission to the House of Commons International Development Committee 

Written evidence submission from Africa APPG to the International Development Committee Inquiry on the ICAI report on DFID’s approach to anticorruption



Written evidence submitted by the Africa All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG)

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Booklet: Parliamentarians Ending Poverty 

An accompanying guide to international development in Parliament



Inquiry report: DFID’s Aid Priorities and Africa

A Report on the Bilateral Aid Review by the Africa All Party Parliamentary Group

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All the Talents

How new roles and better teamwork can release potential and improve health services

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Security and Africa: An Update 

A collection of essays on developments in the field of security and Africa since the UK Government’s 2010 Strategic Defence and Security Review.

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Brief: Africa APPG Report on EU Visit



Letter from PM MDGs



International Development APPGs – Post-MDG Declaration



Royal African Society and

Submission 1: The State of the Transition and Britain’s Role

Submission to Foreign Affairs Select Committee inquiry: British foreign policy and the ‘Arab Spring’: the transition to democracy.

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Royal African Society and

Submission 2: Business Opportunities for British Companies

Submission to Foreign Affairs Select Committee inquiry: British foreign policy and the ‘Arab Spring’: the transition to democracy.

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Written submission: Security and Africa

The Africa All Party Parliamentary Group’s submission to the 2010 Strategic Defence and Security Review

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Inquiry report: Land in Zimbabwe: Past Mistakes, Future Prospects

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Inquiry report: Strengthening Parliaments in Africa: Improving Support

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Inquiry report: The Other Side of the Coin

The UK and Corruption in Africa

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Inquiry report: The UK Government and Africa in 2005: How joined up is Whitehall?

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Inquiry report: Averting Catastrophe: AIDS in 21st Century Africa

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